Lawrenceville GA






Work Experience

The UPS Store


Graphic Design/Traffic Manager
July 2020-January 2022

Responsible for following through on all customer graphics orders by developing creative concepts and building graphic solutions. Prepare creative concepts, graphic design, pre-press work, and technical specifications necessary to complete projects. Communicate effectively with customers in-person, by phone or e-mail. Prioritize all work flow based on client deadlines and availability of resources. Produce print jobs either in-house or set up for outsource vendors. Maintain an archive of client work and artwork libraries for future use.



Graphic Design

Collaborate with clients to create branding, web sites, print media and digital communications for many different individuals, companies and industries.

Loyaltyworks Buckhead, GA


Sr. Graphic Designer/Traffic Manager

Fashioned entire branded loyalty campaigns for a wide range industries and companies from inception to execution. Campaigns included everything from print catalogs, postcards for targeted audiences, websites, blast emails and Flash media. Built and maintained relationships with various vendors to bring printed materials to fruition based on best quality and pricing.


Technical and Soft

Technical Skills

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Office
Wide Format Printing

Soft Skills

Problem Solver

About me

  • I've been interested in making art since my father showed me how to make a mini cartoon with a tiny little notebook when I was about 5. Since then, I have drawn, painted and learned how to make digital designs. Even after over 20 years designing, I still really enjoy the process of determining what's going on a piece of paper or into cyberspace, then making it happen. It's very exciting when I get to work with a client all through the process, from draft to final hand off, and bring their vision to life.

  • Originally, a native of Northern Illinois (about 50 miles north of Chicago), I met my husband in 1994 in McHenry, IL then moved to the Atlanta Metro Area, where we got married. He went back to school and I went to work where I was handed a newsletter to put together to keep me busy when my receptionist duties weren't. Since I'd had graphic design experience in college, I agreed and that was my start to designing for a living. Since then, I've had two boys who are now 18 and 15. I also live with an obnoxious Plott Hound mix, Henry, who enjoys barking at other animals on tv as well as large, air filled lawn ornaments. I enjoy drawing, painting and reading. When I have the opportunity, I like to go 4-wheeing and as cliche as it sounds, I really do enjoy long walks on the beach, directly followed by collapsing on the sand.